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So many of us love the idea of sewing our own clothes using cheap fabric, especially with the input from TV shows and competitions, but just where did the idea of weaving textiles into sewing fabric come from? It seems that what started out as animal skins and vegetation developed into netted, knitted, looped or woven fabrics way back in the Middle East during the late Stone Age.

The sewing fabric we might choose today is much simpler to come by, we can pick up samples at a local market, or in a local shop or store. Perhaps if we had to first of all create our fabric before trying to assemble it into a garment we’d be even more reluctant to get started on such a project!
We tend to use different sewing fabrics for different purposes. We might associate a rich tweed fabric with a certain style of country jacket, or tend to use denim to make a sturdy jacket or jeans, but stretchy fabrics such as lycra for sportswear – leggings, running tops or cycling shorts. Corduroy has been a popular fabric in certain time periods, also used for making sturdy garments, while lighter and more flimsy fabrics, such as silks, cottons and linens, are typically associated with more refined styles, perhaps evening wear in the case of silks, or light summer wear made from cotton or linen.

Different fabrics will often require a different style of stitching when being sewn together, so it would be advisable for any would-be sewer to do their research before reaching for the nearest bolt of fabric and pair of scissors! However, when done well, a homemade garment can be stylish, comfortable and individual, and a very rewarding endeavour.

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