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Most people think they know a lot about white collar crimes when the truth is they do not actually know much. Generally speaking, such a crime is carried out with the purpose of making a profit. In most situations we see people that are of a higher social status that want to gain more money through means that are illegal. The name appeared since there was the belief that the crimes were only committed by a business, by individuals that were wearing suit, shirts and ties. However, nowadays, the white collar crimes can be done by every single person, regardless of social status.

White Collar Crimes

Unfortunately, the types of white collar crimes that exist at the moment are numerous. However, most of them are going to go for what is listed below, all being connected with identity theft, forgery and tax evasions are really common options.

  • Bribery – In this case we see someone that offers a gift, money or some incentive to someone in order to obtain something in return. Bribery automatically involves giving something to the person that is in a position of power, with the ability to make a specific decision that will be in the best interest of the person giving out the bribe.
  • Fraud – This involves making a person think that wrong facts are correct through fact misrepresenting. It normally makes a person invest money in something because of the belief, thus leading to fraud.
  • Internet Fraud – We need to mention this special type of fraud since it is incredibly common at the moment. Internet fraud will normally involve an illegal activity carried out on the internet with the purpose of making money. Different possibilities exist, ranging from hassling to sending out the common phishing emails.
  • Money Embezzlement – The white collar crime will happen when someone in a transaction will keep the money in an illegal way instead of doing what was supposed to be done with the funds.
  • Insider Trading – This involves trading shares and stocks. When a person will sell or buy because of information not currently available for the general public, it is called insider trading. As an example, let us say you work in a firm and you offer confidential information to a friend about company shares. As a result, the friend buys the shares. Both you and the friend will be accused of insider trading.
  • Money Laundering – Out of all white collar crimes, this is the one that people normally know about. It is quite similar to the above mentioned embezzlement but all is done through a business that is legitimate.

White Collar Crime Punishment

A big problem at the moment with the perception about white collar crime is that the rich and powerful never get caught. That is incorrect. Based on the type of crime that appeared, various punishments can appear, usually involving jail or fines. The jurisdiction is state wide but in some cases we do have prosecutions that would happen at federal levels. Federal crimes can have punishments ranging from prison to community service or just fines.

Expecting the baby is definitely one of the really important things in the moment of a family, most likely the most important one. It is so hard to deal with the situation when problem appears. It is possible to be faced with different complications because of the negligence of someone in the healthcare system. Whenever a problem appears and the personnel does not properly address or recognize the situation, a newborn birth injury can happen. Based on how severe the injury is, there are long term effects that are going to be felt by both the family and the child.

Thinking about problems with hospital births is definitely not something that we would like to be faced with. However, there are cases in which we simply cannot avoid the situation. It is really important to know what has to be done by basically understanding how hard the situation is and the options that are available for the family.

There are various different situations in which medical personnel can be responsible for injuries that appear during the entire birthing process. Examples include:

·        Forceps improper use.

·        Not properly monitoring the mother during the entire pregnancy process

·        Not realizing that a caesarean is necessary

·        Not offering a proper attention to the mother during labor like leaving the woman unattended or birth canal related injuries

·        Not understanding or identifying emergency situations like fetal distress

·        Unnecessary baby maneuvering during deliveries

·        Rough handling during deliveries

·        Not preparing properly for problems that may appear during the pregnancy

Injuries can easily have some long-term or short-term effects. Unfortunately, some situations are pretty bad. Common birth injuries that are possible include:

·        Swelling, cutting or bruising in the head area after extraction with forceps or vacuum.

·        Bleeding or swelling at the scalp because of rough delivery.

·        Paralysis or facial damage because of a forceps extraction that was badly-positioned or aggressive.

·        Cephalohematoma – bleeding or bruising under skull, sometimes because of rough delivery. It is possible to end up with various complications including seizures.

·        Cerebral palsy – brain injury that appears because of neglect or rough birth.

·        Broken bones – a clavicle or a shoulder are often affected due to an inappropriate use of procedures, unorthodox births or breech in practices.

What Should You Do?

Whenever you neglect malpractice, it is vital that you talk with an attorney that is specialized in birth injuries. Obviously, this is something that should be handled properly. Try to find one that has a very good track record, one with many successes. The experienced personal injury attorney is familiar with various situations that surround a birth injury case. Support offered is basically invaluable when referring to a birth injury case. The entire process is handled at a step-by-step basis with the main goal of getting in as much money as possible for the family affected.

Obviously, no money amount can actually reverse child damage due to the injury that appeared. However, not getting the money means that the entire situation would be even worse. Long-term care may be necessary so having cash to deal and get the proper medical care in the future is the best thing that should be done.